"Secrets to Your Happily Ever After?" Workshop

A 4-hr training to create a marriage built on boundaries, individuality, and happiness

May 21, 2022 • 11AM to 4PM • via Zoom web conference


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Do you want to heal and repair your relationship?

Within the first five years of marriage, nearly 20 percent of married couples divorce. This is a sad statistic.

Nobody says “I do” at a wedding in hopes that it will fail. Several factors play a role in a failed marriage, including poor communication, financial difficulties, infidelity, unmet expectations, deterioration of friendship, or emotional distance. You know that this is not the kind of relationship you wish for


Do you want to rekindle the love you once shared?

Many warning signs appear when a relationship is heading for trouble, but people miss them too quickly to save their marriages.

  • Do you find yourselves constantly arguing?
  • Are you no longer enjoying spending time together like you used to?
  • Do you find faults and blame one another?
  • Are you hurting each other physically or verbally?
  • Are there times that you fantasize about other people?
  • Do you feel emotionally and sexually disconnected?
  • Are you just staying together for the kids?

This is a bitter pill to swallow

But is quitting right away the best choice?

You fell in love with your spouse for a reason. If only you could go back to those giddy days when you couldn’t keep your hands off one another… Is your marriage is worth fighting for?

- Let us help you.

Meet the Teachers

Anthony & Melanie Clark are certified celebrity Relationship Coaches and husband & wife duo. They have been in love for 30-years and have been coaching together for 22-years.

Clients call them "The Amazing Clarks." because they have an industry shattering 90% client success rate and have empowered thousands of people to live amazing lives.

In this 4-hour workshop you'll learn how to have a relationship that...

  • Creates more love!
  • Build true communication and connection!
  • Fight less and get along more!

Commit to the program, and you’ll walk away knowing how to:

  • Utilize the power of The Law of Attraction in a marriage!
  • Get clear about what you want!
  • Passionately debate, opposed to arguing
  • Become closer with your partner through powerful and impactful communication!!
  • Embrace balance and boundaries in your relationship
  • Work through childhood trauma!
  • Reprogram your mindset and relationship

Real Client Testimonial

October 6, 2020 • 1PM • via web conference

Have Questions? We Have Answers.

Who's this workshop for?

This workshop is for couples that want to heal and repair their relationship and rekindle their love. It's also for couples and singles that want to learn how to stay together, happy and passionately in love ,

What's the time commitment?

The workshop is just 4-hours long including. When you register, you'll also get a recorded copy of the workshop. This way, you can revisit the information at your own pace and convenience.

Am I guaranteed a great relationship?

We can't guarantee a great relationship because it's up to you and your partner to do the work. What we can guarantee is that you'll be given the tools, techniques, and support you need to clarify what you want, articulate your needs, and create a great relationship strategically. 

Do you offer 1:1 Coaching?

YES! We recommend first taking this introductory workshop—most attendees get a lot of value from it. From there we can identify your short or long-term goals and work towards achieving them together.

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May 21, 2022 • 11AM to 4PM • via Zoom web conference